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Un-wanted hair removal by lasers

Laser hair removal is a safe, virtually painless method of removing unwanted hair. It works by focusing a laser beam at the base of the hair follicle, halting hair growth. Laser hair removal is different to the Intense Pulsed Light system (IPL) which uses less powerful, diffused light waves. Laser hair removal can be used on any part of the body, including the most common problem areas: face, bikini area, legs and underarms. Many professionals and celebrities choose laser hair removal as it is considered the highest quality, most safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair from visible areas.

At Kaavya Beauty Care, we believe its important to review your progress and ensure you know how to maintain your hair-free skin. That’s why we conduct a thorough consultation and test patches before you start your treatments and a review at your 4th treatment. We’ll also give you some vouchers to try our other non-surgical treatments and products too so you and your friends can experience everything skin has to offer.

So what's the process? Well, our experienced staff explain fully and provide you with goggles to protect your eyes. Cold air or cooling gel will be applied to the treated area to soothe the skin. Few people experience pain during treatment, however some may experience light stinging or tingling during the session. Depending on the area being treated, lasering could take between 15 and 45 minutes. The area will need to be treated every 4-6 weeks for around 8 months to achieve the best results. The skin may appear red and/or swollen immediately afterwards, however this should reduce over 24 hours.

Although very safe, it is important to resolve any skin conditions and to let any sun tan fade before treatment. It is also sensible to protect the skin from sunlight as it will be highly sensitive. Pale skin is most suited to laser hair removal, but the laser is ineffective on hair with little pigmentation, such as white, blond or grey hair. Darker hair responds very well to the treatment, but darker skin tends to be more delicate. skin has devised effective ways to care for darker skin types, making the most of the laser's effectiveness.

How does the treatment work?

The laser is attracted to the dark pigment in hair called melanin. The energy from the laser travels down to the base of the hair follicle using melanin as a ‘conductor’ where it disperses as thermal energy. This damages the base of the hair follicle rendering it unable to produce hair as quickly. This rate of growth will decrease more as you have further treatments.

As well as the laser needing melanin, the hair must also be in a certain stage of its growth cycle for the treatment to be effective. This cycle is known as the ‘active growing phase’, or anagen, and is when the hair is connected to the base of the hair follicle. This connection provides a direct pathway for the laser energy to disperse where the hair is produced at the base of the follicle.

Not every hair is in this phase at any one time on the body which is why you will need multiple treatments. This is referred to as the ‘resting phase’ or telogen.

Is this the right treatment for me?

As melanin is needed in order for the treatment to be effective, laser hair removal unfortunately does not yet work on blonde, white or grey hair.

How often will I need treatment?

You must have the treatment on a regular basis to get the maximum benefit. Facial hair is treated every 4 weeks and body hair is treated every 6 weeks. We recommend a minimum of six treatments.

What happens after treatment?

You may have some redness in the skin; this is completely normal and generally settles within 24 hours. Protecting your skin from the sun is essential to avoid any darkening caused by increased pigment in the skin called hyperpigmentation. The skin after care kit will help to protect your skin.