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Black spot Treatment

Blackspots are ugly, annoying, and very common. Said to be the first stage of acne, a blackhead, also known as an open comedo, is a widened hair follicle upon your body which is covered by a blackened mass of skin debris, bacteria and oil. Although they can sometimes be yellow in colour they are know universally as blackspots. Typically blackspots make their presence felt after the onset of puberty when hormone levels are running rampant.

The hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands which in turn produce substances of an oily nature. The pores become blocked with the excessive accumulation of oil, which when exposed to air turns black. People with any type of skin can have Blackspots, but generally they tend to gather more on oily skin.

Consequently the use of oils and make-up can cause and aggravate Blackspots. Contrary to popular belief, chocolates and greasy food do not cause blackheads and although stress and anxiety can cause people to pick at their blackheads and make them worse, stress in itself does not in itself affect blackhead occurrence.

How to Get Rid of Blackspots

To get rid of Blackspots and prevent them from returning it is vital to keep your skin clean and your pore openings from becoming clogged. Blocked pores lead to a build up of oil and the formation of unsightly Blackspots.

The best way to get rid of stubborn and hard to shift Blackspots once they’ve formed is to use a product which can simultaneously reduce and absorb excess oil while removing dead, built-up surface skin cells. Products which contain irritants such as alcohol, peppermint, menthol, lime, and eucalyptus actually increase oil production and worsen the condition so it is best to avoid these ingredients when possible.

A little manual exfoliation with a gentle and well-formulated BHA (salicylic acid) cleanser will work wonders on your blackspots to leave a smoother texture and cleaner feeling skin. Once your skin is well exfoliated, avoid greasy moisturisers as much as possible because their thick consistency and ingredients can clog pores and reverse all the hard work done in the exfoliating phase of your routine.

To avoid Blackspots from returning there are some simple measures that you can take. Sustain oil – free complexion through irritant-free clay masks and oil-blotting papers, lessening oil and grime from building up on the face will dramatically reduce the chances of blackheads making their dreaded return. At Kaavya Beauty Care,this is done by Chemical Peels. There will be 6 to 8 sessions with GAP of 8 to 10 days.