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Hair Fall Treatment by Stem Cells

Stem cell treatments have been appearing more and more in the news recently, with the past few years showing a big increase in viable therapies. 

Why has this happened? The reason is simple; a big increase in the use of Autologous stem cells, that is; stem cells taken from your own body. These autologous stem cells have show themselves, in many peer reviewed medical papers, to be substantially better than embryonic stem cells, in terms of safety and effectiveness. 

That's why Kaavya Beauty Care uses autologous stem cell exclusively. Embryonic sources are never used. Take advantage of this new application of stem cells, and start growing new hair.

Stem Cell Hair Regeneration thus simply involves taking stem cells from your own body, preparing and activating them in the right way, and using them to stimulate the increase in hair growth in areas which are thinning.

Kaavya Beauty Care's -Stem Cell Hair Regeneration Treatment: 

Uses Autologous Adipose Adult (A.A.A.) stem cells

Taken from a small sample of your body's adipose tissue (fat stores), the stem cells are then separated out and grown into a 'culture' of sufficient volume for the treatment. The stem cells are 'differentiated' with growth factors to ensure they perform the desired hair growth function.

Causes New hair creation

Our procedure stimulates the growth of brand new hair, by placing A.A.A. stem cells (derived from your own body), in pores under the surface of the scalp. 

The stem cells act by releasing growth factors, which increase the production of hair and improve the supply of blood to the scalp.

Requires Only two appointments

The first appointment is for the retrieval of adipose tissue, the second is for the treatment; involving the application of the A.A.A. Stem cells. Optionally, these two appointments can be combined into a full day 'same day service' procedure.